Your Burlington, VT Home Needs a Pick-Me-Up

Finish boosting your curb appeal with our house painting service

Now that you've gotten a new roof and added Rust-Oleum roof coating, it's time to move on to the rest of your building's exterior surfaces. If you're looking for a barn or house painting professional, you've found the company you need. J.White Contracting paints aluminum, vinyl, metal and wood siding. We can also paint brick exteriors.

Dial 802-373-4470 now to set up a barn or house painting appointment in the Burlington, VT area.

3 ways paint protects your barn

J.White Contracting will improve the look and functionality of your Burlington, VT barn. Our exterior painting services help defend your barn against...

  1. Moisture: Paint is the first and best defense your barn has against moisture.
  2. Pests: Some types of termites will eat through metal sheeting, so it may surprise you to learn that drywood termites won't eat through paint.
  3. UV rays: Wood and other materials are susceptible to damage from UV rays, but paint limits exposure.

Professional exterior painting services save you time and money in the long run because the paint will provide long-lasting protection and charm.

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